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Everyone knows that Im the girl who never believed in happy endings. The girl  who didnt read romantic novels like any other girl her age does. The first and the last romance novel that I read was the fault in our stars just because people are going crazy about it on twitter and I couldn't help myself to be the last person to know the latest trends....yes I'm always the last person to know what's going on. To be honest I didnt cry reading that novel and didnt even cry during the movie...because fiction will remain fiction and no guy could ever loved me like how Augustus Waters loved Hazel. I kept wondering how Augustus fell for Hazel just by bump into her during the support group....and yes I used to believe that there's no such thing as love at first sight but that soon changed after life really hit me good. It's like "This kid aint believe in Love let me show this kid some magic. BAM!" 

So the story begins when my video along with my five other friends was featured on instagram and the video wasnt that long...it only showed a group of 6 people goofing and dancing around with our names appeared.

 Well you already guess that I'm the gypsy girl on the left
(The shoot night for the video)

Apparently someone caught an eye on me, he knew one of my classmates for quite sometime so he decided to ask her about me. At first I was kinda...annoyed somehow because I thought he was just playing around like any other guys do. I mean..."Is he really serious? A crush on me? For real? I looked like a Gypsy for god sake! Wait, Why me? I'm not pretty like my friends. Are you sure it's me? Nah, maybe he's just kidding...nobody would have a crush on me..."

Later he requested to follow my instagram and I followed his, things got serious afterwards.

I wasn't interested at the beginning  , because I thought I deserve nobody in this world due to my past relationships. My eyes used to witness so many lies.."These eyes tell no lies". Cheats, betrayals not to mention the heartbreaks. I thought being alone would be the best for me. I got my mom to call me at late night when other couples have their partners to call them... but my heart kept whispering "Try..."

Usually I would say No when people try to ask me out, but when this guy asked my friend for my number, I seemed to be okay with it and simply say yes. He texted me after 2 days of keeping my number. Unfortunately I was busy by the time he texted me, sending my friend off to KLIA to pursue his studies in Southampton,UK. So it wasn't a good time to reply and I dont even know how to reply, since Im a stone. I would only move if someone moves me...move stone move!

So another 3 days went by, not a single word that is spoken by both of us. My classmate was pretty persuasive, she kept asking me about him, perhaps my heart was doing the same thing too "Try..maybe he's the one".

This time without shame, I brace myself to ask him out and surprisingly he was quite shocked. His friend told me that he dropped his phone after I asked him out. Luckily he dropped his phone on the table...phew...otherwise I would be the one who had to replace his iphone,mwehehehe!

He came to my college to pick me up, it was raining and as soon as I entered his car and got a glance of his complexion....I got this "Whoa! He's so handsome! For real???" So much for not believing love at the first sight ehh Firzanah? My heart screamed but like usual I kept myself cool like how the cool kids do.

 We started talking, the first thing is about music, we both like 80's and we know most songs that was played on the radio that time. For the first time ever I didn't feel like he's a stranger at all, it's like we knew each other for a long time. The whole time we went out, I was being myself. The perky dorky girl and I didn't expect that he would still like me.

On our first date, we went to Tokio Kafe in Cyberjaya along my classmate and her boyfriend which happens to be his bestfriend, it's a double date! Double the fun! Hehehe alright I'll proceed the next scene. Next!

Dhanie and Najeeb, it's a double date!

 He sent me off to my classmate's house and I had a little talk with him in the car, I'm completely being myself because people should love me for being me right? And so he does! 

Before he left, he said we should go out some other time and the voice in my head said "whoa, I'm not rejected? Am I dreaming? Yes, yes we should go out sometime! I like youuu! I" and my mouth only mentioned "OKAY". Pfft so much for the loud mind to do the talking.

From days turned to weeks and the more I know him, the more I fell in love with this instant crush of mine. My birthday is on  6th June and his birthday is on 6th July,  Miss June meets Mr July! We discovered that we actually grew up around the same neighborhood when we were small and the places that we used to go when we were kids. We have so much things in common even we have the same favourite flavour for Auntie Anne's Pretzels and Dhal for our Pratha! (Roti canai sudah lerr, nak jugak English).

Funny how things can go so well on the first day, but I guess that we are meant to be.

Most of my friends said that we do look alike especially when we laughed. I saw the sincerity from his looks and I couldn't help myself from falling in love with him each day. I've been treated like a princess,he brought me a surprise lunch,he calls me everyday, he always make sure that he will have the time for me and I could never asked for more. He amazed me in so many ways, and made me belief that good people still exist in this world. He proved me that reality isnt always bad as it seems. He mend my broken heart and make it bloom again. Alhamdulillah, god sent me you. "Good things come when you least expect it"

Now I shouldn't be questioning "Why me?", I should feel lucky to be loved by someone like you. I love you Asrul Nazri, I really do. I'm really happy. I guess I just completed this year's resolutions, to have good grades and to be happy. I have found my happiness!

Tokio Kafe, on the first day we met.

Hey Dhanie! The matchmaker!

I love you!

I didnt just fall for your smile,
I just love everything about you.

Anonymous Anonymous SAID ON November 19, 2014 at 6:52 PM  

1.Yup. Both of you really look alike. And sweet. And cute. Ekhem.

2.I'm praying for both of your happiness.

3. I read this with a thought... "Sounds fairy tale but its reality."

4. Nanti Nak makan nasik minyak jgn lupa invite.


Blogger Ramadhani Safitri SAID ON November 19, 2014 at 8:02 PM  

Hehehe mana lah pizza i ni

Blogger Choki SAID ON November 20, 2014 at 10:45 AM  

Seems like a decent guy. He's lucky too. Just remember though..As much as it is nice for an awesome girl like you to be treated like a princess,from time to time, remind him to treat his parents like a king and queen. Just a friendly advice from experience :-)

Blogger AS SAID ON November 24, 2014 at 4:26 PM  

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Blogger ~~ZusUliYaiNi mAMaT~~ SAID ON March 31, 2016 at 10:57 AM  

congrats dear...

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