Liselle Moncherie

Tuesday, February 2, 2016 @ 11:03 PM  |  5 Comment(s)

I know your favourite colour is blue

Your favourite ice cream flavour is strawberry

Your favourite football team is Liverpool

You like your shaver to be warm when you wanted to shave

You have four pillows with you when you're going to bed

You like to make that kiddish car sound when you drive sometimes

You always keep your teeth flossed
That's why you have that perfect and the most radiant smile that no one ever had. Trust me, everyone will agree with me how your smile brights up the world.

I like writing about the people I love, it's a form of appreciation, and I always want people to know how I feel about them.

It's been a while I haven't write about you,describing every inch of you makes me realized how much you have made my life better. Your presence changed my life, although you didnt come to me with a shining armor and a dark horse. Hahahahah....okay...so much for fairytales.

Of course we had our rough days, but most of the 500 days that we've been together, I'm happy to have you by my side. Honestly, I never stop thinking of you, and you seemed to like being stuck on my mind. In whatever I do, I'll think of you. It's always been you.

I remembered the day when I first saw you with your haircut, it was breath taking. To tell you the truth, I couldnt really take my eyes off you that moment,it was so mesmerizing. You wore your blue pull over that day, September 23,2014. Yes, I remember the date too. How could I ever forget that...

Your eyes, your curled eyelashes, your cheeks and I had to mention the perfect teeth for several times because they are perfectly perfect.

It's not that I fall for you just because of your looks, ps/: Although you look pretty great, it's just everything about you seems to be amazing. Including your laugh of course but let's leave the burping part out. Hehehe...

Your patience, I admire your patience, you never fail to handle my temper and most of the time, you try your best to keep me in a good mood. I admit, I am just too sensitive...you'll coax me with that cheeky jokes of yours until I could give a smile and you'll make sure that things will get better.

I admire your kindness and the softness of your voice when you talk.No matter how bad the situation may seem, you never raised your voice at me. You always sincere in whatever you do, your sincerity clearly shown when you give your heart and soul in every effort you put.

You're a very nice person indeed, that's why everybody seems to like you, even your friends told me that you are kindhearted and this is one of the reasons why I love you. You're a person who people can count on when they need you.

By remembering our memories and moments together, life reminds me to be grateful. I'm so grateful to be able to call you "sayang" and being loved by you.To tell you the truth, I fall in love with you for more than once, and everytime I fall for you, it's always a wonderful feeling, just like the moment when I first saw you when you got out of the car on our first date. I never get tired of you.

Words couldn't describe how much you really mean to me, but there's one phrase that can give a simple description that everyone knows  "You mean the world to me"

I always love you, and it's always been you.

Saturday, December 5, 2015 @ 1:42 AM  |  3 Comment(s)

The first post for this year, I got accepted to pursue my degree in Journalism UiTM Shah Alam, being "incognito" for almost a year...I have lost myself recently...and where should I start?

Tree? A simple four letter word,
An illustration of a simple tree drawing would cross your mind, but my definition of tree is different.

There are just days when I feel like giving up, then I thought of why I even started…..
Why do we need  people in our life? Why do they even exist in our life in the first place? Friends? Families? Relatives? Special ones?

Everyone crossed our path for a reason,  some of them entered our lives to teach us lessons, leaving  us nothing but deep wounds and scars, just like the dried leaves falling off from branches of a tree.
Some people entered our life and bring us happiness…but just like the leaves…the happiness only last temporarily, soon flowers will fall too…leaving the twigs nothing but emptiness.

People come and go, we’ll meet new people, time heals and we accept it as a part of the life process. Everyone undergo the same thing over, and over again, leaving people and perhaps end up being left by  other people.

Perhaps I’m tired of holding on…..

The truth is, I miss my friend, the friend who has sacrificed a lot for me, the one who always there for me when I needed someone the most. Things change, we are separated thousands of miles apart….if someone asked me what is the definition of a best friend? There is no doubt to proudly claim that this particular friend who actually saved me when I was at my worst, nobody has taken good care of like this particular person did….but why Allah put this person so far away from me?

Perhaps I need to learn not to rely on people….

Perhaps I was meant to be alone….

I was looking at a dead tree, where the leaves and flowers had long gone, leaving itself nothing but branches and twigs with cracked marks on the bark, it amazed me how the tree can still stand alone even though there is no spark of its life left in that solid body. Its strong roots still clawed the ground firmly. A dead tree, which still held its branches up, standing strong no matter how hard the storm hits, no matter how heavy the rain is pouring and no matter how hot the sun has burnt the earth….that tree would still be there, proudly and courageously stand on its own.

I have to learn to live on my own without depending on people,

Maybe Allah wants me to be that tree, standing proudly on my own with my branches still up high as if I wanted to reach the sky, that tree which stands even though every single leaf and flower has fallen off on the ground just like the people come and go in my life. That tree will stand through rain and shine, because in life….you can’t rely on other people to be happy, it’s you who decide your own happiness. I believe, I’m that tree and I will work on my own happiness and not too depend on people who would just come and go in my life.

Dead tree can be beautiful

Monday, December 1, 2014 @ 12:00 PM  |  3 Comment(s)

Have you seen Angelina Jolie in Maleficent? Gosh I totally have a girl crush on her since the movie, with her flawless make up and not to mention those killer cheekbones had me going "Ohh La La". Have you ever got a crush on female celebrities? Well I do! I always have a crush on Charlize Theron, Natalie Portman, Emily Ratajkowski and the gorgeous Angelina Jolie yes I know I already mentioned her earlier but her Maleficent looks keeps on "haunting" me.

Talking about beautiful faces, everyone wants to be beautiful,feel beautiful and feel good about themselves. Looking at the beautiful faces who walk on the runway, flickering the magazine pages of stunning and flawless looking babes, every girl might start making wishes like "Can I have her look?"

"Can I look like her?"

Nothing is really impossible to be exact, appearance always makes the first impression on how people see us, like they say "Beauty Lies On the Eyes Of The Beholder". We dont just simply dress to impress, it's because we want to look good for ourselves. The Eyes always play the important role to catch other eyes looking at you, Diamonds may be a woman's bestfriend but the real diamond that needs to be shine is the woman herself by making Sephora make up tools as a necessity,more like a life companion!

One of the well-known makeup brands women can find which offers a wide range of mascaras, lipsticks, foundations and more is Sephora. Tired of being a plain Jane? I admit, I get bored looking at my dull and colourless face sometimes, a little colour would be a great way to create a person's image and to start creating a great image is by focusing the eyes. Why? Eyes play a very important role in revealing a person’s true personality. Women who would like to be a little mysterious can attempt for a smokey eye appearance with a touch of Sephora’s long lasting Kohl eyeliner pencil and dash of colours of Sephora IT Smokey EyeShadow pallete will sure catch some eyes that wont even blink as you pass by. 

Next is the Angelina Jolie lips! There is a tip to get healthy looking lips is by drinking enough water before applying any lipstick on in order to avoid having chapped lips, beauty comes from the inside too remember? Applying a red colour lipstick would really set the fire alarm to Red Alert! CODE RED! Which could really turn heads into your direction like a magnet and not to mention the fire brigade would have to declare that red lips are just too hot to handle. 

I think her lips are insured, hahah

Each of us have different face features which make us unique and to make them stand out is by doing some face contouring. Everyone is beautiful, you just have to find the right angle to see it and it's easier for others to see your beautiful features by highlighting the best features of yours to be seen with Sephora bronzer or blusher collection. Bronzer or blushers enhances a woman’s cheek bone for a slimmer refined touch. Who says you can't have the look that you always wanted? Anything is possible with Sephora makeup! You have the power to choose on how you look , I bet Barbie would be just plain ordinary Barbara without any colour enhancements on her complexion. 

Charlize Theron sharp features are "sharpened" with bronzer and blusher

I even love to play with a little make up sometimes, I can have the "Bad Girl" look for today and maybe a "Sweet Girl Next Door" for tomorrow!

In the earlier days, movies were just made in black and white, then technicolor worked some magic to make movies livelier with colours. Need to boost up your confidence by improving your look? What do you say? Ready to make a change? Surprise yourself with Sephora! For more SEPHORIZING makeup items,take a look at Sephora Collection Online , be sure to check out ZALORA shopping site to choose your desired makeup tools and have the look that you always dream of!