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Saturday, April 2, 2011 @ 4:02 PM  |  4 Comment(s)

I just called my foster family I missed them so much,It's been 3 years we didn't meet T.T They've been taking care of since I was 4 months old until I was 5, Actually they are my babysitters but they treat me like their own family,
They gave me love,like my own family treat me,hehe as my foster mother said"Jaja,mak dok tengok gambaq Jaja kat facebook macam kucing noh," XD LOL Me"ye ka?,uhuhu" I love her so much, just like I love my mommy heeee~
My foster mother lives in Balik Pulau in Penang with her family,her husband,"Ayah Kasim"her eldest son "Abang Chaq" her second son"Abang Lan" her one and only daughter"Kak Ati" last but not least "Adik Azrul" ,I want to live with them after my SPM :D and this means that I can meet ILI SHAHEERA,pAQ AND AKMAL TOO :D woooohooo~ THIS IS SO EXCITING!

I still remember how I spend my childhood times with them,there are both sweet and bad times

The sweet times: My nickname"Jaja" was given by them because I had large wide eyes just like an alien in STARWARS "JAR JAR BINKS" yup that's where my nickname comes from.I owe them Big Time. Kak Ati always walk me to the kindergarten everyday and play with me after school,she always tolerate with me and give me everything I want,I'm quite annoying as a fussy little girl ehehe-kantoi- The bad times: I fell in a drain when I didn't listen to my foster mother not to carry the giant teddy bear while walking XD -stubborn me-... I was 3 at that time..my lips were bleeding eeew it scares me when I had my flashbacks.. Sometimes it feels good to be a memory keeper,you know what I'm saying right?

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Blogger Ili Shaheera SAID ON April 3, 2011 at 1:04 AM  

You owned them alots! 0.0 Be a good 'daughter'!
The photo, hilarious! xD Great job!
Balik Pulau? See you next year then! ( :
I thought Jaja came from Firzanah > Firjanah > Janah > Jana > Jaja.
Your bad memory is so cute ( : Let me carry you next year! ( ;
You're a good memory keeper. I can't recalls a thing when I was 5 years old and lower.

Blogger cherryapplebaum SAID ON April 3, 2011 at 7:50 AM  

Lots and Lots of Lots,I'll try to be one a good daughter and a good sister :D
heeee~The bowl cat-betulka?- hehe seems sleepy samakan muka jaja ngan kucing tuh ehehe
Boys in primary school used to call me names XD: Pizza hut,pijannah,
While nowadays friends: zaza,firzack,fizo,-fizo omar ke?-,nopi,etc <.<
Balik Pulau! here I come

Blogger Ili Shaheera SAID ON April 5, 2011 at 3:30 AM  

Habeh ja sesi meng-carry, tazkirah kat pinggang Ili. xD
Why do I heard a song while I read "pijannah"~?
My new nick is...
Chinese guy : Nama you memang Cili ka?
Ili : I wushu you, maw?

Blogger cherryapplebaum SAID ON April 5, 2011 at 6:52 PM  

Cili? haha I think he's deaf

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