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Saturday, April 16, 2011 @ 6:22 PM  |  2 Comment(s)

Today is Saturday 16 of April 2011 (nerd's diary)

..As my mom went to Ipoh to go for an occasion at Perak's Minister's house..she just met one of the famous motivator in Malaysia XD Dato Fadhilah Kamsah!!! -cheers-

I wish I could be there with my mom but it was already organized by the district of education office (PPD) huhu T.T

Here comes the best part!! My mom asked Dato Fadhilah Kamsah for his autograph on behalf of me >.< thankies Mommy!! Actually I was the one who "force" her for the autograph last night begging her not to forget to ask for it hehe :P.

She embrace herself to ask for the autograph after Dato Fadhilah Kamsah finished lunch..before anyone else could ask :D ouh mommy thx a lot.
He even wrote my name and with some advice :Nur Firzanah:

Fokus kpd matlamat
Buat yang terbaik
Dan bentuklah jiwa yang
Suka membantu orang lain
Fadhilah Kamsah

Ok..the date is 17 of April and I wrote this on 16 of April bcoz when he asked my mom what date is today..my mom answered 17 ehehe :P -wow I can see the future-

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Blogger Ili Shaheera SAID ON April 17, 2011 at 2:16 AM  

Pasai apa blur?! Ni yang nak hantaq Domo, geget Jaja ni! xD
Wah, besh ea.. kalau tentang artis, Ili pernah dapat tandatangan dan ucapan E-One sahaja :3

Blogger cherryapplebaum SAID ON April 17, 2011 at 7:52 AM  

x pa nnti kita serbu kl,gerenti jumpa punya kt shopping mall!! hehehe dah pernah nmpk Wardina Safia kt Jusco tp buat2 x taw hik3

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