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I am posting this in the middle of the morning,can't sleep for 2 days and still looking for the "Main Cause" of sleeping disorder...might be INSOMNIA? The last time I had Insomnia is 18-11=7,7 years old XD.I'm also anxious about going back to my old school for CGPA,okay enough of this crap! People want ENTERTAINMENT!

2011 Most Annoying Entertainment goes to -drum roll-.........

Miss Rebecca Black!

4K for the worst video ever?Shiish it takes millions to win for the best video darl,with 4K you can buy..umm idk XD.
I'm not a hater but I might agree with other people saying her voice annoying "Suara sendiri tu merdu sgt kea?"

2nd Place goes to Nyan Nyan Cat!

Hey! This cute cat doesn't belong here! I didn't find it annoying
Well do you?

Nyan Nyan Nyan Nyan Nyan Nyan!
Nei Nei Nei Nei Nei Nei!

Reliable source from MTV :3
Don't believe me?watch the MTV Encore Show
With Vj Rich and Vj Holly

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