Liselle Moncherie

Saturday, January 14, 2012 @ 11:41 AM  |  0 Comment(s)

Dear Primavera (The Curve Damansara boutique) Is it possible that you keep all the records of how many sneakers that you manage to sell around November till December 2010?Why am I asking?I've just wondering that a guy with fair skin,have a cute goat beard....and..charming eyes bought any of your shoes..perhaps?

Pffft! What was I thinking? Writing a letter to Primavera Boutique XD.Finding Mr M....is not an easy task.Probably the hardest task ever in my life.I'm not feeling lonely,but if I ever had....Mr M,I'm going to change! Hmmm,thinking about him makes me feel very enthusiast and Inspired~ Like the Sim Social Game~ INSPIRED! 

Finding love at Primavera,love for shoes or love for fashion or love for an accident? No one ever had their eyes watching me like he does,his eyes were not flirting.The eyes of an amazement gazing upon me,and I gave him angry birds' eyes :P.Hey flirting with eyes is not healthy  "=from jelingan manja jadi julingan manja=" Haha.

Is he the missing puzzle piece of my heart?Might be,could be,or he is suppose to be mine...

Dear God,If he's for me then let us meet again at the first place we met.
If not...then erase every piece of my memory that still longing for him.


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