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Weee! Woooo~ Problem solved! No more CGPA and bla bla bla...I'm free! -jumping with supra 100x-
Inside I found haaaaappiness with you~ no one~

Spreading happiness is way better then spreading sadness,feelings does influence other people to feel the same about each other,when you're sad your friends might be sad too after they see your gloominess "invading" the environment.
 *Dark Clouds With Rain* let's change that! *Cute Puffy Clouds With Rainbow* sounds better? No? 
Brainstorming to Brainrainbowing?Haha

Everyone feels pain even comedians too,there are 2 types of people in the world,One who suffers and One who enjoys.
Which type are you? Comedians are the people who entertain others in order to make people laugh,but at the same time they had to figure the best way to make people feel good about their jokes,"Not everything  comes naturally baby~".They have to work hard to perform the best and they'll suffer for new ideas....BRAINSTORMING!

Who enjoy?People that have money as their heart and also their part-time lover.They could have everything but.....when there's too much money....they'll bored fast.I assure you that most rich people spend their money on white elephants because they don't know what to do with their money~Give it to me then!

Everyday I'm T-t-t-troll-trolling! Got  a....

So even though you're the one who suffers or the one who enjoy,it's all about you.You choose your  own path,and you choose to be who you are so be happy with that!

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