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Been there,done that! Oh yeah 2 hours of journey to Slim River to get my CGPA that supposed to be hand in to me 2 years ago.Unfortunately,my marks 68.5,to tell you the truth I've been involve with Koko activities until  International and national levels and this  is how my previous school repay me?For what have I done to make my school proud,and also talking about my other good deeds! 

So ungrateful! The old GK Koko knew my involvements and she can't do anything to help me?! That's odd,well no "rezeki" I guess but at least gave me 70.0.Tomorrow I have to meet my newer school GK Koko to count my marks from I started high school until I graduated.Hopefully she gave me 72.0.

 I used to perform on this stage and that's the school hall

The building where I used to study,the F3 class 3 Jabir  on the 3rd floor.

 The Office

The so called "UFO" Water tank,The school LandMark and Trademark.

I do miss the old school but I shouldn't be treated that way for Koko marks! My parents were very disappointed with that,,they wanted to cheer me up so they decided to go shopping for a while in Ipoh and before we head to Ipoh my parents took me to our fave food court in Slim River,their "Mee Bandung" is the best!

Aaaah! Heavens~I was slurping the noodles and "Pluuup!"
The gravy splashed on my nose! Red Alert! A guy saw that XD
I pretended nothing happened and grab a tissue.I wish I could say "Come at me Bro"
Meh sini suap lekaih!

12.29 pm we arrived Kinta City Jusco.
I went to search for guitars.I only bought 2 pairs of socks =.='.Went to 200 km to school then on the way home, more 78 km to go and I only bought 2 pair of socks....XD

For my eyes only~Wish could have one-creating wishlist-

On the way home,dropped by at Seri Iskandar Night Market for some Durians and Rambutans.

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