Liselle Moncherie

Saturday, September 15, 2012 @ 8:37 PM  |  6 Comment(s)

Hello everyone! After my blog has been "HIATUS" for such a long time.I finally come up with a new short story! This is the first part of it and I hope you'll like it :).

#Rain Day 21.

"The wind blows harshly until the trees danced and their branches are waving like "Oh thank God It's raining".It's very funny to see their "dance".It's been quite a long time that the sun kept burning the pavements,the grass,the road and the brown earth with heat....The smell of wet tree barks are amazing,now the roads' edges flow the fallen raindrops down the drain.Cars' tyres swishing the puddles making the water splashes all over isn't that wonderful?The cold atmosphere softly blew my face....I feel calm and serenity...."

She stopped her sentence after a raindrop fell on her notebook.The girl with the dark grey hoodie,she closes her plastic wrapped notebook and keep it in her brown bag.The wind blew her hair,her teeth sink into her lower lip and tears rolled on her cheeks...looks like her eyes turned into clouds and rained.....Somehow the only moment that makes her feel calm is when it rains.

"Just like the clouds,my eyes will do the same....when you walk away everyday it would rain..rain..rain.." a part of Bruno Mars's lyric had been her favourite quote.

She walked slowly down the pavement,her boots were wet when she soaked herself in a puddle.No one was there to watch her except black crows on the elm trees.Empty shabby benches were "tarnished" by old maple leaves at Longley's Park.The park was abandoned,it used to be an amusement
park where laughter and screams of delight used to fill the atmosphere.Light bulbs,pop corn stand,roller coasters,bumper cars and mini game stands turned rusty when the days of joy were over.She likes to go there when it rains,some how the place seems to be a very meaningful place to her. The park was abandoned for 12 years,it was no longer been amused by the town people when a new theme park was open.

Why does she likes to go there when it rains?
What's with her plastic wrapped notebook?

Nobody knows, this girl has many names.Labelled and judged by other people,some people called her the rain doctor.She was given a name by the Damselfly Children's home as Diana,and her short name is Die.She is a sixteen year-old teen and live in a welfare house with 24 other kids and teens.Her identity was anonymous,they found her when she was 4 with wearing a yellow raincoat and boots. Die does not talk much and she always spends her time alone in her room that is filled with drawings of the rain and cloudy clouds.

Blogger HeNRieTTa JoSe SAID ON September 18, 2012 at 9:15 AM  

wow....love the story....cant wait for the other part....

Blogger kay_are SAID ON September 18, 2012 at 10:01 AM  

is it something like cerpen or what? seem interesting tapi sebab dalam london so tak bape faham sangat certain2 part.. hmm

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