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“Tonight, We are young, So let's set the world on fire, We can burn brighter than the sun” the rhyme of the song that kept playing in the mind of teenagers, with their ear buds tuned with the highest volume and it is not impossible to shock a person until he or she jumps off from the couch after hearing with those loud sounds, and perhaps they should forget the idea to set the world on fire. Well, teenagers might be enemies for some people or a certain group but they should always remember that the country wants them. Malaysia needs the power of youth in order to continue the development of the country and also bringing brighter future in years to come. Youngsters are the most valuable asset to country; they are the ones who are going to continue the legacy with their ideas and creative innovations. An organization must be built to gather the youngsters to contribute their ideas and speak their minds; the place where the youth could make wonderful plans for brighter future and make it comes to life. Everything starts with the man in the mirror before taking big steps ahead and that would be me. If I were given the funding and resources to set up a new youth-based civil .society action group to influence public policy on a pressing issue affecting youth, I would definitely form the Youngsters Power Society to help.

The youngsters these days are not aware with their environment; they are sinking into the world of fun and enjoyment, with the increase rate of social problem cases and how far their minds being poisoned by bad influences that mostly comes from the west. If this situation keeps going, then who would run the country? Who would be the Prime Minister? Would you imagine if our country ruled by a person whose hairdos like a “Mohawk” tribe and even have tattoos and piercings all over, the so called “Fashion World” seems to be turning backwards! Enough with fashion, let us start discussing with the real situation here.Would you want to be ruled by someone who looks like this? I bet the answer must be the capital N and O which spells for NO!

Picture is the courtesy of Kelly Ficarelli

I could not let this happen and so those other people because everyone holds a responsibility to serve the country and every small step taken could bring a big impact to curb this problem. Although some people may come up with this “Oh come on they are just kids, what do kids know?” and even this “Just let them be, they’ll grow up sooner or later? Ignorance would not do any help and always remember that “Action speaks louder than words.”

First of all, the Youngsters Power society will start championing on improving our country’s education. Education begins at home where parents teach their children about manners and ethics. What they learn in school, it is a whole different story. Do you remember the day you first carried your backpack? Where you learn the ABCs and sing. As far as I can see that most kindergartens syllabus in Malaysia are not that “building”, what I am trying to say is, instead of teaching children how to sing “London Bridge is Falling Down”, it is better to teach them “Malaysia’s Buildings are Going Up” with not only teaching these kindergarteners to sing but also teach them with skills such as social skills, physical skills, aesthetic skills, interactive skill and much more. As the PERMATA program that is found by Yang Amat Berbahagia,Datin Paduka Seri Rosmah Mansor is a great way to expose young children to education in a whole new different way as the program is adapted in Malaysia in order to make Malaysian children  think differently just like the children from other countries .

 This program would be more efficient with the help of youth by bringing education to be more interesting with 3D special effects and graphics because most children are easily bored with books unlike the children in those days where books were hard to find. Sometimes things change according to time. These days children need something more attractive to them so they can learn better. Applying HOTS in schools should be a compulsory, I know, most people would imagine the sun shone brightly up in the sky but it is actually the short for Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) that requires children to think outside the box. They need to learn how to think critically so that they can be fast learners. Why am I focusing on young children? Everything starts from the bottom and it is parallel to a Malay proverb ‘Nak meluntur buluh biarlah dari rebungnya.’

Second is, health is wealth, the obesity problem that occur among youngsters has become the biggest worry among the society, the citizen, parents and probably the whole universe! The increase rate of diabetic patients is very critical. According to WHO, World Health Organization survey in 2010 stated that Malaysia is the sixth country in Asia with the highest adult obesity rate. In 2008, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) made a research showing an increase rate of obesity 0f 30% in the six until 12 years old age group. To curb this problem, hospitals and clinics should work together with the Youngsters Power society to fight obesity by doing campaigns and free weight loss consultation to students and even to the public. ”Prevention is better than cure” because obesity also influences other diseases such diabetes, heart problems and also high blood pressure which the most common diseases that runs in the blood of Malaysians nowadays. Health tours in schools should be organized to make the students realize about the importance of living in a healthy environment and only consume healthy food.

Third is, the social problems that occur among teenagers in the country has led to destruction of moral values and also the increase rate of baby dumping, drugs and crimes gone worst day by day. The Youngsters Power Society will lend a hand to reduce this problem with taking unemployed youngsters as youth activist to help giving seminars in schools and even colleges because most of the problems occur due to peer pressure and also lack of religious education. Parents and teachers do not have enough hands and eyes to monitor their children and students not to forget that this problem is also can be out of hand. So by making them realize about the bright side of the world with seminars and exposing them with the opportunities that they could get if they avoid to involve with immoral activities would have a done a big help to curb this problem. Thus, by taking unemployed youngsters as youth activist will also contribute to the country by reducing the rate of unemployed citizen.

Everybody has the power to change, and even though some of the youngsters out there who cause no problems at all, it does not mean that you can sleep around or just ignore what happens around you. Get up and make a contribution and you should not end up like this.

Would you parents be proud?
Source: Picture retrieved from Gagful.com

References : http://www.weightlossmalaysia.com/obesity-statistics/

Blogger akmall SAID ON October 31, 2012 at 10:24 PM  

your surely wrote a lot and the best part, you made your point there. I do believe, the surroundings were/are the major contributor in these social problems. The influences from the western countries does bring bad influences but we just cannot simply blame them, those are their cultures and we too do have our own cultures but do our cultures being well portrayed in the film and such? Do our cultures being well portrayed by all of the ministers and those amazing celebrities who always be the role models in our country?

And last but not least, ourselves too have to differentiate between the goods and the bads. If we know that the things being portrayed in the film or such are not good aka bad influences, then just watch and DO NOT FOLLOW it. Simple as that but then, we youngsters have this habit of love trying new things when somewhat not necessary to be tried. When the programme on tele has bad influences, it does not mean that we have to try it.

Think before act and surely, we need to think really2 hard about what we want to do and what we should do.

So, those were my points. HAHA..

thanks. :)

Blogger deno SAID ON October 31, 2012 at 11:20 PM  

hi dear..!!!! phewww... sangat panjang post kali.. ur writing is awesome!!! like x100

Anonymous boni kacak SAID ON November 1, 2012 at 4:48 AM  

saya setuju :)

Blogger kay_are SAID ON November 1, 2012 at 4:30 PM  

agree.. memang remaja aset mase depan negara so sekarang kerajaan kne r fokus untuk up kan lagi talent yang dorang ade, terutama bidang kepimpinan, bukan just leka and pikir dalam otak satu ari nanti dorang akan berubah.. thinking malas pikir name nye tu.. lagi satu, tak yah r manje kan sangat remaja zaman sekarang ni dengan bagi dorang ape yang dorang nak (rebate to buy smartphone, what for?) Better lagi guna duit tu untuk hantar dorang ke program2 yang lebih mendatangkan faedah kan..

Blogger zubect SAID ON November 1, 2012 at 8:37 PM  

teenagers nowadays are too spoil, dorang buat something just for the sake utk enjoy, bukan untuk family and negara. mmg kecewa sangat

Blogger Izyan SAID ON March 11, 2013 at 1:45 PM  


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