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Thursday, November 29, 2012 @ 9:01 PM  |  17 Comment(s)

I left my blog for 2 weeks O_O,Why? I become a personal assistant and also a secretary. Managing my boss's meetings and pack her stuff,iron her clothes,travelling with her. Full time job? Yeah! Huhuhu busy week! Well I work like a butler,for a female butler I might be call as a "butleress" not a maid,I can't even manage my own life hehe and then I become a personal assistant? Pretty weird,and my boss...she's my own mom so I guess it wouldn't be any problem hehehe!

Ok,I almost reach my 300th post but today,I'm going to unveil~ to reveal~ to expose~ another weird case of mine and that is being a Shy Kiciuś. Kiciuś means Cat in Polish,originated from Poland~ Kiss Kiss Kitty XD. Muahahaha! Okay. I got an extreme shyness which need to be reduced. There are many stupid things that might happen and the silly things I do when I got shy.
Shy Cat?

Extreme Shy Attack! 

1. Run to my room and sink my face in my pillow and scream
2. Hide behind my friends if I walk with them
3.Roll on my bed hugging a pillow
4.Keep my face down when talking and walking
5.Standing by the door......*it could lasts for hours*
6.Put my face on the wall
7.Crying with shame
8.Hide in small places
9.Laugh on every sentences I've said *during talking*
10.Shaking *in occasions this always happen*

Terrible aren't they? Whenever I want to control my shyness when talking,something would stop me from talking too much...something would block me from expressing myself in front of other people.There's one incident that almost make me faint because of being too shy and blushed all over....gosh.....I don't want to remember about that anymore...*traumatic*.Luckily my friends understand me so they always calm me down...truth to be told...I get blushed even on Facebook... =.='

Being shy can make people respect you,but being too shy.....it's hard to survive.There are only few people who I can really cope with and when I start to live with them,they finally know how crazy I am hehehe. Most of my friends first impressions about me is being "ARROGANT". I admit,I won't smile or even talk to other people unless they start first.When they get to know me,I'm not the kind of person that they imagine I would be.There are a lot of things that I always wanted to do but the shyness always become a thick wall that stop me.

My semester break is almost over and I want to change to become a better person,a brand new me! A brand new Liselle Moncherie who don't get shy too much! I want to break free from this chain of shyness that locked me up from doing things that I wanted to do.During my debates, my lecturer told me that I had to reduce my shyness since I could talk but I just seemed "invisible" to others.I just don't know why I become this way....I could do a public speaking but when it comes to communicating with others....I failed! Maybe I'm scared of people....scared of people?? I'm not an alien to be scared of people...oh wait alien abduct people =.='....Mom told me I spend too much time being alone and that's why I become "allergic" to people.I think that's kinda true...kinda....I talk with cats....they always just say Meow to what I've said.What a great feedback! I need to stop though....the shyness meter just increased.

So if you guys have any tips or special remedy to help me curb this problem of mine,you could always leave comments :)

Blogger Lady Windsor SAID ON November 29, 2012 at 11:23 PM  

Hi dear..how are you?
Shy problem eh? What i want to suggest is raise up your confident level..like what im doing bef..be in your fav colour and thought that all people is same like us..if you scared..they were more scared than you..

Blogger zubect SAID ON November 30, 2012 at 2:54 AM  

we share a same prob dear. erm, honestly, kalo sy nak present or buat public speaking dlm class (pernah buat depan 60 students dalam dewan), mmg tak malu, cuma berdebar je, but when it comes to communicate with other people i would always end up in a total failure. kat sklh dulu lagi teruk.sbb tu sy biasakan diri sy pi interview and join persatuan. sbb benda nie semua boleh tingkatkan self confidence kite. and alhamdulillah sy dah jadi exco and dapat portfolio as setiausaha, so selalu kena communicate ngan orang2 besar kat universiti kalo nak hanlde program. mmg malu tp kena ingat, kalo kita percaya pd Allah, kita mesti blh buat yg terbaik. so first, naikkan self confidence dengan mempercayai kebolehan diri sendiri. hope this can help :)

Blogger littledolphin SAID ON November 30, 2012 at 2:12 PM  

sama lah kita!

ic an do public speaking but i have probelm while socializing.hahaha!

when im shy,the weird things that i do is touching my nose,or starting to act like a little kid.thats why im kind of childish ,it helps me to overcome my shyness,but i suggest you NOT to follow me because in our industry,we want matured confident people,not childish confident people.dun be like me >.<

I ,too,am trying to find a better solution to overcome this.

hopefully soon!

Blogger kiru magu SAID ON December 1, 2012 at 12:44 AM  

me too............my level of shyness sometime are quite a burdensome to me.

Anonymous boni kacak SAID ON December 2, 2012 at 9:35 AM  

hahahahhaa.. jangan terlalu malu.... sebab nanti peluang susah nak datang :)

Blogger Domu-kon SAID ON December 5, 2012 at 11:55 PM  

there are people who are extrinsic and intrinsic people.. for those who are reluctant or choose to be invisible, they are in intrinsic type..just like me.. if doesn't mean we can't talk..but we choose to don't talk..hehehe

so..we do have the same probs sis..hehe

Blogger kay_are SAID ON December 6, 2012 at 1:04 PM  

owh.. ni kes shy shy kitty r ni.. same gak r.. memang agak pemalu tambah dengan orang yang tak kenal.. nak bercakap pun tak tau nak cakap pe.. huu

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Blogger ~~ZusUliYaiNi mAMaT~~ SAID ON December 22, 2012 at 5:00 PM  

i agree with zubect comment..involves in any group, persatuan..kat situ bleh jumpe ramai orang plus build ur confident level..if u are selected to hold any jawatan, grab it..but remember, kene pastikan kita mampu menjalankan amanah yang diberikan..

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